Experience innovation and creativity in action. This vibrant space hosts discussions, demonstrations, workshops, and resources that support the creation and use of makerspaces as opportunities for increased equity and diversity at your school.

There are three workshops as part of the PoCC Makerspace:

Session A, Thursday, December 8, 10:15 – 11:30 AM
The Future: The Implication for Students of Color
What will the world look like when today’s kindergartners graduate in 2029? Futurists envision a world where most roles will be digitalized. Graduates with science and computer programming experiences will continue to thrive in the digital economy while others will be left behind. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s discuss predictions and implications for our students while we reimagine socially-conscious alternatives to address bigger issues that have a greater impact on students of color. Together, we will uncover how systems of ingrained prejudices exclude and obstruct children from discovering and exploring their passions and further promote the unconscious racisms that limit potential.
Presenters: Gina Marcel, The School at Columbia University (NY); Saber Khan, The Browning School (NY); Chris Bigenho, Greenhill School (TX)
Location: PoCC Hub, Makerspace

Session B, Thursday, December 8, 3:30 – 4:45 PM
Moving Beyond “Build It and They Will Come:” Equity and Sustainability in Tech-Rich Environments
Program demands that school have vibrant, robust technology initiatives. Tuitions rise and yet costs for technology supplies can exceed school resources. However, innovation is perceived to be linked to visible STEAM/STEM programs. How can schools authentically implement and maintain rigorous STEAM/STEM learning environments when financial sustainability is a true consideration? How do we support students impacted by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies? Is equity a concern? Join us to discuss real world strategies for building competitive programs that are compatible with your environment's financial plan while affirming identities. 
Presenters: Gina Marcel and Katy Saintil, The School at Columbia University (NY); Saber Khan, The Browning School (NY)
Location: PoCC Hub, Makerspace

Session C, Friday, December 9, 10:15 – 11:30 AM
Technicolor: Sharing Our Experiences of Transitioning into Technology and Innovation
Are you involved in technology in independent schools? Would you like to pursue career options related to technology? Come listen to a panel of people of color who currently work in this empowering field. We will explain what we do in our schools, share our unique stories, and offer advice and insights for others considering doing something technology-related in their schools. Most important, we will talk about the potential impact we have on the lives of our students as people of color in this critical educational field.
PRESENTERS: E. David Miller, Lakeside School—Middle School Campus (WA); Gina Marcel, The School at Columbia University (NY); Tye Campbell, Far Hills Country Day School (NJ); Camilla Calkins, Lakeside School (WA)
Location: GWCC, A315

Additionally, Maker Movement: Let’s Do It! will be ongoing throughout the conference in the PoCC Hub Makerspace. Curiosity is cousin to an innate ownership and agency over one’s learning. Making encourages inquiry and a constructive process. Harness that energy and reinforce content in your course with simple, easy-to-implement DIY and Maker projects. Immerse yourself in a few hands-on activities and learn by doing! Drop by anytime and join in a few making opportunities and challenges. Visit as often as you wish.

Thank you to the following educators and their schools for contributing to the Makerspace:
Chris Bigenho, Greenhill School (TX); Tim Shabanowitz, Laurel Bleich, Leah Roberts, and Jane Simpkins, The Westminster Schools (GA); Thomas Cooper, The Lovett School (GA); Rhonda Nichols, Woodward Academy (GA)