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Self-Efficacy and Empowerment: Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Workshop Session A (Thursday, December 8 10:15-11:30 AM)
    • Baggage Check


      Women of color are invited to share personal experiences in this workshop, where the main objective is to check our proverbial baggage — an encounter with racism, the perception of a gender-based glass ceiling, or something else. Collectively, we’ll analyze each item and discuss its purpose in both our personal and professional lives. Shall we place these experiences back in our bag and carry them with us to work each day, or leave them at home, or put them on the shelf?
      Presented By Suzanna Jemsby and Cutia Blunt, The Galloway School (GA)
    • In Formation: Supporting Adolescent Identity Development for Students of Color at Independent Schools


      As part of the quest to create a diverse student population, talented minorities are given outstanding opportunities to accelerate their life trajectories. But what happens once they are plucked from the environment in which their skills flourished and placed in an entirely new space? This panel reflects on the challenges that students of color at independent schools may face during their stages of identity development and formation. Presenters will examine the impact of catering — and not catering — to the niche talents of minority populations, compounded by the need to adapt to the racial dynamics associated with attending secondary schools. You’ll learn strategies for empowering students of color to develop a healthy sense of self as they prepare for success within and beyond the independent school experience.
      Presented ByAnahita Homayoun, Green Ivy Education Consulting; Lauren Linder, Alumna, The Weather Channel; Kwad Acheampong, Prudential
    • Shielding My Race from the Blindness of Whiteness


      Racial microaggressions are defined by Derald Wing Sue as “the brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, and environmental indignities that communicate hostile or derogatory racial slights and insults to people of color.” How do people of color shield themselves from these insidious remarks and educate white people about the damage of racial microaggressions? In this session, you‘ll hear about the scholarly work of Derald Wing Sue, work in small groups, share within the larger group, and come to a better understanding of how to recuperate from racial microaggressions and how best to address them when they occur. This workshop is open to people of color in all positions as well as white allies. ​
      Presented BySandra Chapman, Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI) (NY)
  • Workshop Session B (Thursday, December 8 3:30-4:45 PM)
    • Can Code Switching Go Too Far? An Exploration of Cultural Identity Development in Independent Schools


      Code switching has commonly been defined as the practice of switching between languages or dialects, but the term can be applied more broadly to include all forms of verbal and physical communication. At this workshop, explore the connection between code switching and authenticity, as well as the the rewards and costs of code switching to individuals within the cultural environment of independent schools.
      Presented ByBrandie Melendez, The Berkeley Carroll School (NY); Mariama Richards, Friends' Central School (PA)
    • The Maker Revolution: Positioning the Learner as a Leader


      This workshop will use a case study and a simulation to explore the main tenets of student-centered making. The emphasis will be on the student experience and the Four Rs: research, reasoning, recording, and reflection. You will be given a template to create a sample plan to design and complete a project using the Four Rs as a framework. At the end, you’ll have time to reflect on the exercise to encourage a deeper understanding of the process.
      Presented By Markus Hunt, The Logan School for Creative Learning (CO); Christa Flores, Hillbrook School (CA)
  • Workshop Session C (Friday, December 9 10:15-11:30 AM)
    • Moving Up: Career Advancement for Educators of Color


      Discover a process to create your own path to a fulfilling career and make intentional decisions about growth in your current job. This session will guide you in identifying the right people to provide support, feedback, and inspiration for your development. Through role plays and scenario simulations, you will practice navigating conversations about augmenting your current job. Most important, you’ll gain a better understanding of when it’s time to move on from your current role or school. You will leave the session with a personal career map to guide you in important career decisions.
      Presented ByPearl Rock Kane, The Klingenstein Center; Mark Reed, Charlotte Country Day School (NC)
    • Technicolor: Sharing Our Experiences of Transitioning into Technology and Innovation


      Are you involved in technology in independent schools? Would you like to pursue career options related to technology? Come listen to a panel of people of color who currently work in this empowering field. We will explain what we do in our schools, share our unique stories, and offer advice and insights for others considering doing something technology-related in their schools. Most important, we will talk about the potential impact we have on the lives of our students as people of color in this critical educational field.
      Presented By E. David Miller, Lakeside School - Middle School Campus (WA); Gina Marcel, The School At Columbia University (NY); Tye Campbell, Far Hills Country Day School (NJ); Camilla Calkins, Lakeside School (WA)
    • Women of Color in Independent Schools: Living Being Mary Jane Post-It Lives


      ​When Being Mary Jane debuted on BET in the summer of 2013, women viewers all over the country either fell in love with the lead character, Mary Jane, or wondered, “What is wrong with her?” For women of color in particular, the complexities of race, class, gender, and sexuality offered more varied and nuanced perspectives on the storylines that play out from week to week. The hallmarks of every episode of Being Mary Jane were the affirmations (and cautionary warnings) she wrote to herself on sticky notes as reminders of the life she wanted to live. Join us as we delve into our Post-It lives.
      Presented By​Veda Robinson, Edmund Burke School (DC); Stephanie Carrillo, Campbell Hall (CA); Danica Tisdale Fisher, Phillips Academy (MA)
  • Workshop Session D (Saturday, December 10 10:00-11:15 AM)
    • Got Leadership? Your Unique Path to Discovering a Fulfilling Leadership Role


      Do you want to be challenged in your work, and are you ready for more responsibility? Discover ways to open your lens to scope out fields and organizations that aren’t currently on your radar and then find the right fit. After self-evaluation, hands-on activities, small-group work, and discussion, you will leave with deeper insights into what motivates you. You’ll also realize there are opportunities you hadn’t considered  and recognize potential obstacles to overcome or avoid. Having risen to leadership roles from nontraditional experience and employment, the workshop presenters have extensive experience. They will lead you through the process of self-awareness, reflection, and strategies for change.
      Presented ByIngrid Tucker and Rebecca Geary, Cambridge Montessori School (MA)
    • Wisdom of Life: An Inspiration from Ancient Chinese Philosophy


      This workshop aims to change your perspective on yourself and the ways you view the world. Some revolutionary ideas from Confucius and Lao Tzu will be introduced and used as tools to help make decisions when you encounter challenges and difficulties. You will take part in three sessions with different activities: knowing yourself from a perspective of Confucianism, knowing the world through the lens of Chinese ink paintings, and learning how to deal with real-life situations by reacting “spontaneously” — blending your rational (mind) and emotional (heart) sides into one. It is a life-changing workshop.
      Presented By Jie Wu, Atlanta International School (GA)

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