2021 SDLC Frequently Asked Questions

Where will SDLC take place this year?
SDLC will take place online. Student participants will be convened by their schools each day and access the conference through a secured platform administered by NAIS.

What schools are eligible to attend?
SDLC participation is open to students in grades 9-12 who attend NAIS member or premium subscriber schools.

How many students can participate in SDLC from each school?
Six. The maximum delegation size for each participating school is six students.  All students must be enrolled in your school.

Will schools waitlisted in 2020 be given priority in the 2021 registration process?
There will be no priority registration for this year’s conference. All eligible member schools will participate in a lottery to determine the order in which they can register.

We have heard that SDLC fills up fast. Will more schools and students be able to participate in the conference because it’s online?
NAIS has significantly expanded the conference capacity to help ensure that as many interested schools and students can participate as possible.  

What is the school selection process for SDLC?
All eligible NAIS member schools interested in registering a delegation for SDLC this year will participate in a lottery to determine their registration position.

Who enters the school in the lottery? Is that the head of school’s job?
No, the head of school is not required to enter the school in the lottery. However, if the head delegates this task to a staff member, this designee will need to check boxes accepting the SDLC Terms and Conditions, entering into a legally binding agreement between the school and NAIS.

What is the SDLC registration lottery?
To allow for a fair and streamlined SDLC registration experience, we conduct a registration lottery. In September we held this lottery and notified schools that were selected to register their students for SDLC. Read more here.

Can I still register for SDLC if I did not participate in the SDLC registration lottery?
No, unfortunately, we have reached capacity for this year’s SDLC.

What will happen to schools that are not accepted in the lottery process?
If we reach total conference capacity, the lottery system will place schools on a waitlist automatically.

What happens if we are selected by the lottery, but we don’t register in time? Will we lose our spaces?
You will not lose your spaces, however, it is imperative that registration deadlines are met so we are able to prepare student groups for participation in SDLC. 

We missed the lottery deadline. Can we be added to the waitlist?
It is possible to still gain access to SDLC, however, we will have to review this on a case-by-case basis, due to where we are in the process of preparing student groups for participation in SDLC. 

When does SDLC registration open?
SDLC registration process opens on October 4. Schools will have until October 15 to register their students for the conference.

Is there an early bird registration rate for SDLC? 
There is only one registration tier for SDLC. The fee for each student delegate is $355. A registrar or other designee from the school must enter the necessary registration information for each student delegate. A chaperone may be the SDLC registrar, but that duty is not required by NAIS.

Are chaperones required for the online SDLC experience, and if so, what will be their duties?
Yes, each student delegation will need one or more chaperones. Chaperones will have required duties to ensure the school's participation in the 2021 online conference, however, they are not eligible to participate in any aspect of SDLC. If interested, the NAIS People of Color Conference (PoCC) is open for adults.

Who can chaperone SDLC students? Are parents allowed to be official chaperones?
NAIS requires each participating school to designate a full-time employee to chaperone their student delegation. Parents cannot serve as chaperones for a school delegation. We recognize that schools are offering on-site, virtual, and hybrid options, and that some student delegates will be participating from their homes. Even when this is the case, NAIS expects all students to adhere to rules and guidelines outlined in the SDLC Student Handbook as well as any requirements set forth by their schools and chaperones.

Is parent/guardian permission needed to attend SDLC?
Yes, parents and/or legal guardians must sign SDLC SDLC permission/waiver forms. Students will not be allowed to participate in the conference without all required signatures.

Once our students are registered for SDLC, who receives the registration confirmations?
The person completing the online registration and the designated chaperone will receive registration confirmations. NAIS will not send confirmation emails directly to students. Students WILL receive a direct email just before the start of the conference, to access the event platform.

If I am registering students for the conference, will I have to enter personal information, such as gender pronouns? 
No. Demographic information fields in the registration portal will be optional. SDLC attendees will have another opportunity to provide their gender pronouns and other identifiers once they check in for the online conference.

Can we register students for SDLC and adults for the NAIS People of Color Conference (PoCC) at the same time?
No, the SDLC and PoCC registration processes are completely separate. PoCC registration begins on October 12.

We’ve read that SDLC has Peer Facilitators. How do students become SDLC Peer Facilitators?
There is no application process to become an SDLC Peer Facilitator. Students should inform their chaperone of their interest in this opportunity before the registration process opens. Students can also signal their interest on the required Student Information Form found here. Only two students per school allowed. The SDLC chaperone or registrar will record the student’s willingness to serve in this role during the registration process. Interested students will also be required to attend a mandatory training session on Monday, November 29, 2:30-4:00 PM.

Who should we contact for more information about Peer Facilitators?
Please contact Oscar Gonzalez at [email protected] for specific questions about becoming an SDLC Peer Facilitator. 

What is Diversity 201?
Diversity 201 is a specialized experience designed to allow returning participants to dig deeper into issues of identity, power, privilege, and allyship.
Who can participate in Diversity 201? How are students chosen?
Returning students who are not serving as Peer Facilitators may join an advanced family group called Diversity 201. This program is limited to 100 participants. One interested student per school will be accepted into the program until capacity is reached. If a student from your school is accepted, that student is counted in your school’s delegation of six students.

Who should we contact for more information about Diversity 201?
Please contact Rodney Glasgow at [email protected] for specific questions about Diversity 201.  

How long will students be online for this year’s SDLC?
SDLC will run from November 30 – December 3. Students will be divided into two groups, A and B. One group will start at 9:00 AM and end at 2:15 PM. The second group will begin at 12:15 PM and end at 5:45 PM. Each evening, there will be a social activity for both groups from 7–8:30 PM. Each cohort will receive the same content, and students from the same school will be grouped together.

Where can SDLC rules be found?
The SDLC Student Handbook can be found here. Each student and their parents or guardians must read the handbook and sign its agreement. Any signed document will be retained by the school for four years.

Who will supervise students when they are participating in SDLC programming?
As is the case when the conference is on-site, the SDLC faculty will supervise students when they are participating in conference programming. To ensure student safety, SDLC Zoom conference rooms will be locked after attendance is verified and accessible only through designated NAIS staff.

How is discipline administered in the unlikely event that a student violates one of the SDLC rules?
NAIS will contact the student’s chaperone and/or head of school when a conduct violation occurs. The response to a conduct violation will depend on the severity of the behavior. Following a thorough assessment of the situation, NAIS’s determination will be final.

How do we pay with a Purchase Order?
Please scan and send Purchase Order to [email protected]. Purchase Orders must be received by November 15, 2021. If you select a check or purchase order payment, a balance due will display until payment is received and applied.

Who do I contact for registration help?
Please contact our registration partners.
  • E-mail Customer Service at [email protected]
  • Call Customer Service toll at (864) 208-8445
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation Policy: Registration cancellations must be received via email to [email protected] by November 15, 2021, to receive a full refund less a $50 cancellation fee. All refunds will be processed by the same method presented at the time of registration. Cancellations received after November 15, 2021, as well as no shows, will be charged the full registration fee.
Will there be a T-shirt mailed to all students this year?
No, we will not be providing t-shirts this year.  We will be providing some sort of virtual takeaway in lieu of that.

When will students receive the link to access the online conference?
Approximately 1 day prior to the start of the conference.

What email address should we use for the student’s registration?
The student’s school email address should be used for registration. Students will receive communications to their school’s email address.

Chaperone and Student Orientations dates and times?
All chaperone and student orientations will be a pre-recorded video that should be watched prior to the start of the conference. Videos will be available 3-5 days prior to the start of the conference.